Silence Your Inner Critic

Silence Your Inner Critic

Silence Your Inner Critic

Every man goes through a different journey,

But one part is always the same,

We all have that urge to silence our critics,

And emerge victorious above all else.

When we conceive our critics,

We tend to externalize them,

Give them names and reasons for their despise.

We live to prove them wrong,

We live to show them what we are made of.

But the irony is, these critics aren’t real,

They truly don’t exist.

Most people are too consumed in their own life,

To truly feel any ill will towards you and your struggle.

Thus, our greatest critic can’t be external,

But rather internal,

That inner critic’s voice is heard,

When we fear the unknown,

That inner voice is your strongest critic,

Your most ardent enemy,

The one who stands in the way of all your fortunes and successes.

We feel that we need to hear him out,

As they could shed a light on something we didn’t already know,

But ultimately, it is our job,

Rather our duty,

To silence it once and for all.

Go about your day, and give it your all,

 As fortunes are not made overnight,

And there is no magic pixy dust which,

Will out work your Hard Work, Confidence and Foresight.

And If you do that, I guarantee,

That inner critic will be silenced once and for all!

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