Internal Fire


Internal Fire

Internal Fire


Look into the eyes of your opponent,

For they stand between you and your goal,

Never shrink or flinch,

As that will surely make them stand tall,



Maintain your position,

And always Stand Your Ground,

For taking these hits today,

Will help you later in life to astound,



It doesn't matter if you are big or small,

For all that matters is how much you want it,

If you half fast your attempt,

Be sure that will never get it,



For those who prevail in life,

Aren't necessarily the smartest or the most proud,

They are those who keep falling,

And refuse to keep lying down,



As there comes a time in every man's life,

That he must come to terms with his decisions,

As playing it safe might add a level of comfort,

But it surely doesn't quell that internal fire,



That is why we must pursue our passions,

And vigorously chase what we want,

And along that journey,

We must overcome anyone and anything in our way,



As you challenge your competition,

And push yourself that much further,

Remember to keep that internal fire burning,

For it will lead you to where want to go! 


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