Free Your Mind



Free Your Mind

Free Your Mind


There comes a time,

Where nothing goes your way,

Where you lack control to make change,

And you become frustrated with the world,


Everyone goes through this,

But it is in how you respond,

That sets you apart,
From the rest of the pack,


It is important to understand,

That you can only control,

Your own actions,

As well, as your own reactions,


Understanding this,

Will help you tremendously,

In freeing your mind,

And putting the reset on your thoughts,


Distracting thoughts are like a shadow,

They only project a perception of reality,

That are not necessarily true,

Nor false for that matter,


By taking a step back,

And putting off your responsibilities,

You will be able to see the bigger picture,

Which helps in prioritizing items on your mind,


Doing so, gives you a sense of control,

As taking a step back,

Will propel you forward further,

Whilst overcoming negative thoughts and feelings,


When in doubt,

Never fret.


Free Your Mind,

And the rest will follow!


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