Empower Those Around You!




Empower Those Around You


Empower Those Around You!


There are those unique individuals,

Whose charisma always shines through,

And as other bicker and argue,

They are the ones people go to,


Nothing is deemed to be beneath them,

As a leader is never discouraged by their role,

Willing to help a team in any way they can,

As they are encouraged by the goal,


A leader takes actions and makes decisions,

Based on the empathy he/she has for you,

So, as he/she delegates responsibilities,

They make sure it fits your shoe,


A leader never confuses or dismays,

As they value transparency and respect,

Their preference is to be direct and honest,

In order to avoid a clash or wreck,


Think of all those that taught you in the past,

As they are those who made you strive,

To be the very best, as they are also those

who have empowered you to thrive,


As you grow older and wiser,

Your leadership qualities will hone too,

Keep in mind the task at hand, as well as the goal,

And never forget to empower those around you! 


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