Believe In Yourself

Believe In Yourself


Believe In Yourself


Believe in yourself,

When no one else does,

Is how you can conquer mountains,

While leaving the others in the dust,


The key to success,

Is working hard and always trying harder,

Only these try and true methods,

Can keep pushing your limits farther,


For our dreams can only inspire us,

And towards them we must continuously trek,

But we must chase after them vigorously,

And our journey, above all, we must respect,


We must always believe in ourselves,

Even when we feel down and out,

For we are responsible in seeding the seeds,

And work at them in order to see them sprout,


Everyone's journey and path is different,

And you should never put down someone's ambition,

They are simply journeying along,

Working towards something that will come into fruition,


As anyone can accomplish anything,

As long as they put their mind and soul into,

Because with enough dreaming and doing,

They will be the ones who others will look to!


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